Beacon Biomedical Launches COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Quantitative IgM and IgG Antibody Test Results Within 48 Hours

Beacon Biomedical Inc, a Phoenix-based CLIA accredited high complexity laboratory commercializing blood-based tests for earlier cancer detection, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Inspire Diagnostics to provide quantitative COVID-19 IgM and IgG antibody testing in Arizona utilizing the AFIAS-6 platform for both fixed-based lab and mobile testing.

“The AFIAS-6 platform employs a patented fluorescence immunoassay technology that generates highly accurate quantitative COVID-19 IgM and IgG antibody test results in just 10-minutes.” says Donald F. Weber, CEO of Beacon. “These two antibodies are the first and second line of defense against the COVID-19 virus and work together to fight it as it progresses from its infectious to its non-infectious stage. By providing expedited baseline results and combining them with timed-interval successive test data for both IgM and IgG, we can now effectively track how our individual immune systems are responding to, and ultimately have dealt with, this virus including the possible immunity potential we may have built-up against it. We are thrilled to be able to support our Arizona community with this higher level of actionable COVID antibody testing.”

The average incubation period for the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus is 5-6 days from the date of suspected exposure to infection, but it can range between 3-14 days depending on the individual. Once infected, you may experience symptoms (symptomatic) or not (asymptomatic). If asymptomatic, you simply will never know if you are infected and a carrier of the disease unless tested.