Beacon Biomedical’s BeScreened-CRC Test Receives CPT Reimbursement Code

On April 1, 2020, a new Proprietary Laboratory Analysis CPT Reimbursement Code from the American Medical Association (AMA) specifically for Beacon Biomedical’s BeScreened-CRC test went into effect. That new CPT Code is 0163U.

Be-Screened CRC, a laboratory-based test, measures three tumor associated proteins in the blood using proprietary analytical methods and a relational algorithm to determine the likely presence or absence of colorectal cancer or advanced adenomas. Prior to this new code, Beacon’s had to use a more generic CPT code that resulted in numerous claim processing and payments delays, as well as claim denials. This new CPT code will make it easier for patients, practitioners and payers alike to order and process reimbursement claims.

Each year there are 34 million people that are non-compliant with colon cancer (CRC) screening with devastating consequences as they will account for 50% of all new colon cancer cases diagnosed, 63% of all the colon cancer related deaths and 75% of all associated colon cancer treatment costs. In 2020 the American Cancer Society estimates that over 53,200 people will die from colon cancer. BeScreened-CRC is a blood test aimed at the screening non-compliant population as another “tool-in-the-toolbox” for practitioners and patients alike to help improve compliance with screening and, in doing so, help to save more lives, reduce healthcare costs and stem the loss of job productivity associated with this devastating disease.