ClickIPO Completes 100th Public Offering, Enables IPO and Capital Markets Access to Online Brokerages and Financial Advisor

ClickIPO Securities, LLC (ClickIPO), the IPO Marketplace, a first-of-its-kind fintech platform that enables individual retail investors to participate in public offerings using their existing brokerage account, is pleased to announce it recently participated in its 100th public offering and is opening its service to all qualified online brokerages and financial advisors.

ClickIPO has established a true marketplace and works directly with Issuers, Underwriters, Online Brokerages and Financial Advisors, coordinating the book building process, order entry, allocations, and compliance. The Company has participated in over 100 offerings including both Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Directed Share Programs (DSPs), and Follow-on Offerings which trade on major US stock exchanges. The ClickIPO platform can be integrated into any brokerage or financial advisory platform, making it easy for anyone to access capital markets products.