New businesses travel their own paths

March 10, 2023Arizona FORGE: New businesses travel their own paths but share the same fundamental challenge: assembling the right people and skills to develop a product or service at a price people are willing to pay at a cost that is profitable.

In the early going, much of a founder’s endeavor is building the right team and proving the solution solves a big enough problem (product-market fit). Later, the challenge shifts to scaling that solution and maintaining or improving its margins (profit-market fit).

What is common to all of these is having enough money to continue.

Recognizing this challenge, a few years ago our organizations and several others put together a white paper on early-stage funding. It runs from completely free sources of funding to microlending, equity crowdfunding, and finally, angel/venture capital investing. We also share the stories and perspectives of founders and experts along the way. Anyone thinking about starting a company, or struggling to find funding, should check it out.” Read the article now.