Mental Health Champions: How Cindy Jordan of Pyx Health Is Helping To Address The Loneliness Epidemic

Loneliness is one of the most pervasive and persistent mental, physical and social health conditions. An epidemic of loneliness constituted a health crisis before Covid-19, but the pandemic has greatly exacerbated the condition and put a spotlight on the high personal, health, social and economic costs associated with it. Research shows that loneliness increases mortality rates by 26 percent, with the mortality risk for seniors increasing to 45 percent. Annual patient treatment costs for loneliness are greater than for chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, and an individual with loneliness is at higher risk for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression and cognitive decline.

Our company, Pyx Health, offers a combination of engaging technology and compassionate human intervention to combat the devastating mental and physical health outcomes caused by loneliness and social isolation that happen primarily outside of the traditional health care setting. Our solution can be scaled to meet even the enormous surge in loneliness caused by Covid-19. The technology identifies when users are lonely and helps uncover the support they need. Our Compassionate Call Center then connects with them to provide critical resources such as medication, food, housing, or transportation at times when those interventions can improve clinical outcomes and reduce treatment costs. In many instances, Pyx Health provides the one thing these individuals most need — a listening ear and a real human connection.

We are proving that this support helps vulnerable populations avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital readmissions. Health plans that contract with Pyx Health save over $5,000 per member within six months. Plan members get more support for their acute social determinant of health needs, more human interaction, and greater connection than traditional care can provide