Picmonic Launches Program to Boost NCLEX® Pass Rates & Add 4,000 New Nurses to the Workforce in 2016

Picmonic, Inc., the world’s leading visual learning community for nursing students, announced a bold initiative to reduce the shortage of entry-level nurses in the workforce with an NCLEX® pass guarantee for subscribers.

Demand for qualified nurses is rapidly outpacing supply, with the Bureau of Labor Statistic projecting the need for an additional 526,800 nurses before 2022, an increase of 19%. Most job growth can be attributed to increased patient demand and a need to replace workers who retire over the coming decade.

“The nursing shortage is reaching crisis levels, and is having a detrimental impact on the quality of care for patients and the quality of life for nurses,” said Ron Robertson, CEO and co-founder of Picmonic. “Last year, over 40,000 nursing students failed the NCLEX® exam. If Picmonic can boost pass rates by a modest 10% with our pass guarantee, we can help get more than 4,000 qualified nurses into the workforce every year.”

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