The Search: Finding Your Angel Collaboration Platform

The Angel Capital Association, in concert with Jeffrey Lang of the Desert Angels and ACA’s proud partner Dealum, has published this informative interview on one of 2023’s most important topics in the angel investment space: angel group collaboration. Angel groups are the bedrock of the angel investment space, and whether within your own group or with outside groups, better connections lead to more successful angel groups. As the head of one of the country’s leading angel groups, Jeffrey Lang is a leading angel investor and a trailblazer in the angel group connectivity space.

On the importance of this interview, Seren Rumjancevs, CEO of Dealum, comments, “The insights shared in this article are incredibly valuable not only for angel groups but for the entire investment ecosystem. Connectivity and collaboration have huge potential to change the way early-stage capital operates. Dealum is proud to host Desert Angels on our platform and is grateful for their continuous feedback to improve the platform ecosystem.

In this rare interview, listen to Jeff’s investment story, his call for greater angel investor collaboration, and his complete process for reviewing and ultimately selecting a platform for angel collaboration. Whether you’re an investor looking to better connect with fellow angels or an angel group operator looking for a blueprint for navigating the platform selection process, this is one interview you cannot afford to miss.

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