Desert Angels Portfolio Company Delta Development Supporting Ukraine

Desert Angels Chairman Jeffrey Lang has announced an effort to assemble funds to enable the donation of multiple units of the APRU, a blood refrigeration cooling and transportation system produced by Desert Angels portfolio company Delta Development Team to benefit the UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces). The Delta Development Team APRU has been validated as a high-value, field-proven device in Ukraine since Q4-2022.

Lang announced that he is leading this effort that will result in the donation of a number of units of the Delta Development Team APRU via the assistance of the European distributor of Delta Development Team (“Delta Development”) equipment into Ukraine for the directed benefit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (“UAF”). Delta Development has agreed to sell these units at the cost delivered without a markup for each APRU via the Delta Development European distributor to the UAF.

Should you be interested in joining me in this effort, please get in touch with me directly at This is an investment in our collective future, it is not a financial investment, and as it involves multiple parties in causing the delivery of the purchased equipment to a designated cause, it is not subject to being designated as a charitable contribution.