Helping today’s young women become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

March 23, 2023Arizona FORGE is holding an event. At this month’s Curiosity Club, hear from “E” Elizabeth Locke-Thomas, Chief Mission Delivery Officer for Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona

The Girl Scout Cookie Program isn’t just about providing customers with tasty treats; it’s the foundation of an entrepreneurial experience. Selling cookies gives millions of Girl Scouts across the country the ability to power unique learning opportunities and adventures for themselves and their troops, even in challenging times. The Cookie Program helps Girl Scouts develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

But what does it mean to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset? We know entrepreneurs as leaders, individuals who create businesses or invent new products—constantly thinking of innovative ways to improve what currently exists. The thought of being your own boss, leading a team of like-minded people, and pursuing your passions to make the world a better place. The Girl Scout Research Institute reports that 91% of all Girl Scouts have some interest in becoming an entrepreneur! – Learn more and register today!